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I love what I do!  Every day I get to work with business leaders and organisations, athletes and teams, and individuals to help them to reach their goals.  It is incredibly satisfying to see people progress to reach their goals and maximise their potential.  When commencing work, I take time to find out who I'm working with, what their objectives are and how they would like things to be different.  We then collaborate and design tailored interventions depending upon the wishes of the client. This can involve a wide range of activities, focused on creating a learning environment that will lead to enhanced performance at organisational, team and individual levels.

Dr Joann Lukins is a psychologist with 25 years experience with organisations, teams and individuals. She is an Associate Professor at James Cook University, lecturing within the undergraduate program and to post-graduate doctoral students Dr Lukins was the inaugural sport psychologist to the North Queensland Cowboys, a position she has retained since 1996. She is the sport psychology consultant to the Townsville Fire and the former, Townsville Crocodiles. 

She is recognized as an expert in delivering training within the domain of positive psychology in organizational, sporting and educational setting.  Dr Lukins is highly regarded for her engaging presentation style, up to date information and delivery of practical skills for implementation within teams.

My focus

My focus is on developing individuals and teams that can meet the challenges and attain their goals. I deliver this through four methods...

~ Specialised individual coaching in sport enhancement
~ Team and organisational development
~ Workshops and seminars
~ Research design and analysis


Dr Joann Lukins

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At Peak Performance Psychology the goal is to inspire and support people who are committed to improving and achieving greater success in their lives. The aim being to take you from where you are - to where you want to be.

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